What Makes Me Happy

Published June 9, 2010 by VaLENCIa's MuSiNgS

Today I stumbled upon a blog entitled “1000 Awesome Things” by Neil Pasricha. He decided to blog daily of the things that he considers to be awesome. Some examples would be: ‘Fitting into those jeans you haven’t been able to fit for a while’, ‘The other side of the pillow’, ‘The smell of gasoline’, so on and so forth. So in turn, (and though he’s unaware) he’s inspired me to muse on those things I think are awesome. Anyway, his goal was to publish one amazing thing a day, every single day, but I think I’ll just put all of mine in one post. I’m not THAT freakin happy…..You will see that I find awesomeness in the most random encounters. 

Here’s 20:

  • Smelling gasoline. I don’t know what it is about those fumes, but they certainly make you feel good….
  • Cleaning your ears out with a Q-Tip after showering is heavenly!
  • When your signal light synchronizes harmoniously with the car in front of yours. You start hearing a faint rhythm inside your head.
  • The startling surprise of a lightning bug in the distance.
  • Licking your fingers after eating Cheetos.
  • When I see the “V” formation of birds flying…I take it personally. I see it as God’s way of telling me, “I love you V”. 
  • Scratching an itch! Any itch!
  • It’s mesmerizing when driving past a corn field to focus your eyes directly between the rows. It’s like being on a roller coaster.
  • When it rains while the sun is shining bright.
  • Waking up and realizing that your nightmare was in fact a dream and nothing more.
  • Sitting on the porch on a breezy summer day watching the sun set after a long day at work.

  • Freshly shaven legs and armpits.
  • Watching the Season Premiere  and Season Finale of your favorite reality show.
  • The smile a person returns when you’ve made their day!
  • Getting that parking spot you circled around for.

  • When the police officer that pulled you over is having a good day and lets you go with only a warning.
  • Randomly checking your online bank statement only to find your income tax return was deposited by the IRS.
  • How cool your pillow feels when you first lay your head on it.
  • Seeing ‘lovebugs’ stuck together.
  • And finally….finding a comment on your blog when you come back! 

What do you think is awesome?


4 comments on “What Makes Me Happy

  • Valencia,
    What a fun post. I love your pictures.
    What do I think is awesome? Definitely finding a comment!
    I love the smell of rain on black Texas dirt – we are in desperate need. Spending time writing and realizing it turned out the way I wanted it to.

    • Thanks for commenting Debi!!! 😉 Yes, the smell of fresh rain is definitely soothing and it tickles the senses. I’ve been so preoccupied with life lately that writing is but a mere fancy as I don’t have the time! Hopefully things will get better soon. Again, thank you….

  • You are really funny Val, but I love reading your blog. What do I find awesome?????
    1. Jumping on the trampoline with my husband. (for some reason we have the most intimate conversations laying under the sun on that darn trampoline).
    2. Candid photo shots I catch of people who are so unsuspecting.
    3. My daughter who just turned 20 calls me out of the blue and tell me how much she appreciates all we’ve done. (It let’s me know she was actually paying attention all those times her eyes were rolling up in her head).
    4. To see the smile on a little girls face when I’ve braided her hair and placed beads on the braids. (I was so tired, but her smile made it all worth it)
    5. How attached I’ve become to our new dog even though he drools and put lick a juice on my clothes every morning when I’m getting ready for work.
    6. How much my 13 year old son has matured over this pass year 🙂

    I can go on and on…..

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