Pet Peeves That Cause Heaves!

Published July 6, 2010 by VaLENCIa's MuSiNgS

I simply cannot be the only human being that gets heated at the stupid things other human beings do. By no means am I implying that I’m without fault, but just like everyone else, I too am annoyed by the senseless gestures and lack of thought that permeates throughout society. Maybe you can relate to these top 10 of mine:

  1. Having the parking spot you spotted a mile away snatched right from under your nose. Despite my poor sense of reality, I saw it first!
  2. Drivers that occupy the passing lane to “sight see” what’s on the left side of the road. Sometimes I think people get their driver’s licenses out of the Cracker Jack box.  What’s inside?.... why it’s A DRIVER’S LICENSE! Thank you sailor boy! What’s inside?…. why it’s A DRIVER’S LICENSE! Thank you sailor boy!
  3. The music and moderator’s voice on Forensic Files gives me the creeps. This is being considered as a pet peeve because I DON’T LIKE TO FEEL CREEPY!
  4. Looking for any article that I’ve lost, really need and can’t find it. This practically drives me insane. The “catch 22” is that when I don’t need this article, it’s staring me straight in the face, but when it’s of dire importance that I have it, it runs off and hides from me!
  5. The non-chivalrous, jack-assed “pie hole” that doesn’t let a lady step on the elevator first, or hold the door open when you’re right behind him and he KNOWS you’re right behind him.
  6. Can you please tell me why bartenders, waitresses/waiters, fast food servers, etc., lick their fingers and have the audacity to bring your food with that fake @$$ smile on their faces as though to say: “Yeah, I licked my finger right before I touched your what?”. And then expect you to smile back and say “thank you”. I don’t think so!!!! I’m disgusted just typing about it….
  7. The inability to peruse Facebook statuses without having to see what cow you saved, how many guns you purchased, what new food you created, and what you named your stupid cat. Hence: Farmville, MafiaWars, CafeWorld and Petville. Give me a break already….
  8. Reality shows that have actors/actresses depicting reality. Case in point: Operation Repo (TruTV) and The Bachelor (ABC). What has this world come to?
  9. The shopping buggy that wobbles like a bobble-head, squeaks like a jet engine and has that one wheel that won’t roll! AARRGGHH!! Everybody knows you’re buying laxatives because your buggy says: “Black lady with a bad attitude on isle twelve!” Geez…
  10. And finally. I love the elderly so very much, however they should NOT be allowed to drive after retirement age. Hire a chauffeur, ride the commuter bus, recruit a family member, something!  They hinder the flow of traffic because they have snail syndrome, make illegal U-turns while at a red light, enter into oncoming traffic as if blindfolded and will cut you off like you’re not even there! Lord help us….

There’s certain to be tons upon tons of pet peeves that you may have and I would love to read some of them. Do share!


2 comments on “Pet Peeves That Cause Heaves!

  • LOL!!

    I really like #6. Can you imagine what it is that they are licking OFF their fingers – EWW!

    My biggest pet peeve: exiting off the highway and the drivers on the frontage not yielding as the law says they must! I drive a big 4-wheel drive truck. Someday someone’s gonna get mashed.


    • LOL debi,

      If they know what’s good for them, they’ll get out of your way! Those workers are most likely nibbling off your plate…sooo gross. I went to Applebee’s recently and the bartender licked her finger before AND after she put whipped cream on my shake! I wanted to slap her!!! But I repressed it…

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