The PRIDE Deception, Part 1

Published July 14, 2010 by VaLENCIa's MuSiNgS

I’m not too particularly thrilled to admit that I’m prideful. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t even aware that I was! Not until this past Sunday that is….. 

We had a guest pastor at church on Sunday that spoke of our friend and foe, those being “humility” and “pride”, respectively. God forbid that I should quote his sermon verbatim, but I will attempt to translate it my own way. It doesn’t take a bible scholar to know that being humble is God’s way and prideful is satan’s way. However, upon hearing the sermon, I began to realize just how guilty I was of fostering pride within my own heart. 

{For this post, I simply want to introduce what pride is and later, I will share with you how pride is destructive.} 

You see, when you become bitter, angry, resentful, and disgusted, it is because pride has manifested. Offense is the prerequisite to an ungodly action or reaction. When you’re offended, naturally you say within yourself; “You’ve hurt me so now I’m going to hurt you back!” Pride is evidenced in many variations that are disguised as vindication, and supports the infamous folklore: An eye for an eye. However, unbeknownst to many, God hates pride because it is considered evil and a sin as spoken of by David in Psalm 8:13; “All who fear the LORD will hate evil. That is why I hate pride, arrogance, corruption, and perverted speech.”  David includes pride as being one of those evil things.

 Here’s why pride is evil:

  1. It causes us to turn away from God when we’re supposed to turn to Him
  2. It leads to disobedience and rebellion
  3. It causes us to mistreat other people
  4. It defiles us! (Mark 7: 20-23)

 Manifestations of pride:

  1. Can’t admit when wrong
  2. Selfishness
  3. Disrespect of and no submission to authority
  4. Criticism and looking down on others
  5. Self-exhortation
  6. Too busy or too lazy to help others 

The list goes on and on. Even if you possess only one of the aforementioned characteristics, you are still deemed prideful. Stay tuned because I’m going to share with you how to recognize pride, how it affects your Christian walk, and why God doesn’t think it’s cool. 


2 comments on “The PRIDE Deception, Part 1

  • Very Good Valencia. Interesting enough I’m getting ready to leave my house to go spend another night at the hospital with my husband. I can honestly say I truly believe this “Offense is the prerequisite to an ungodly action or reaction.” Since my husband has been in the hospital I’ve been truly amazed at how few friends have actually picked up the phone and reached out to me during this time. I find that I have to stay prayed up regarding this issue because if I don’t bitterness and unforgiveness will truly reign in my life. Thanks for sharing this!!!

  • Hi Lenci. After a long off-season, I’m back to posting. The subject of this article, pride, fits in pretty well with both of my recent posts, but especially with this one:
    Spiritual medicine from a “little flower”

    Would you agree that the opposite of pride is humility? Anyway, I’ve radically changed the focus of the blog. No more obsessing over pop stars and their occult symbolism. Like you, I’m taking a much more Christian look at things. I hope all is well with you.


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