The PRIDE Deception, Part 2

Published August 13, 2010 by VaLENCIa's MuSiNgS

Baba, a friend that I would love to know personally, helped me to see that I’m the dirtiest, filthiest hypocrite and a sorry excuse for someone who claims to be a child of God. No, Baba did not say these words to me, but what he did was reveal (through his own testimony) the importance of making ourselves little so that God can be made great! 

You see, pride does this to you: It makes you feel like YOU know it all, YOU’re never wrong, what YOU need matters most, and that it’s YOUr way or no way. I’m guilty loved ones. Guilty as charged. Until we can admit to our own shortcomings, we will never overcome them! How can you blow out a candle if you don’t light it? The truth can not be revealed without a fallacy. In other words, you need a lie before you can have a truth! The truth is that God despises a prideful and haughty heart. Giving in to pride deceives you into believing that you are your own god and the Lord Almighty specifically stated that: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” I’m sure many of you don’t know this but……’ve made yourself into a mini-god when you allowed pride to manifest itself within your heart. Also, here’s a revelation for you: pride is the foundation of all sin!

God’s main desire for His people is that we love one another and share the good news. Because we are likened unto Him and created in His image, we must abide by His rules whether we like it or not. If God IS love, why would He expect any less from His creation? Pride instills an “I can do whatever I want” façade within the heart of man which leads to his disobedience and insubordination to God. This in turn separates man from God then, he finds himself left at his own defenses to battle the wiles of Satan without God’s help. This is a place you don’t want to be my friend.

Here’s a recent prayer that I gave unto my Father….. 

Lord God,

I want to know your way because my way is the total opposite and this is not of you! Lord, forgive me of my indiscretions lest I be given unto the wiles of satan. Lord, forbid me to question your will and desire for my soul. I’m so inflicted with confusion, resistance and insubordination! Have mercy on me oh Lord! I’m sorry for wanting more from you than you desire to offer. Forgive me for not accepting the terms that you’ve set forth, for you are the Grand Master of my soul. I want to love everything about you dear Jesus, even the things that don’t make sense to me right now; to be obedient, no longer thinking as the world thinks. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

(Feel free to petition the Lord our God (using the prayer above or your own) to enter into your heart and reveal your indiscretions. Once the Spirit has spoken unto you regarding this, seek forgiveness and always ask God to have mercy because we are not perfect.) 

I’ve always considered myself to be King David’s long-lost twin sister because we’re almost exactly alike. Though I may not possess the bravery he had, my name does mean “strong” so I suppose I’m not too far-fetched. David was prideful as well, but he earnestly cried unto God and was forgiven. You too have the gift of forgiveness. Please do not let “YOU” get in your way!

King David also knew that he had some serious issues when it came to matters of the heart. He killed a man because he wanted his wife (envy = pride). He committed adultery with this man’s wife (lust = pride). Whenever the Holy Spirit revealed these monstrosities, David immediately went down on his knees to seek the Lord’s forgiveness. No wonder he was a man after God’s own heart…HE DIDN’T LET HIS PRIDE STAND IN THE WAY OF HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD!!!

Pride grows into anger, frustration, self-pity and regret because these are reactions to an injustice done towards you. God already knew that loving unconditionally (requires humbleness) would keep these manifestations out of your heart. Now you tell me, is it better to love or is it better to hurt? You make the call.


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